Transforming lab-wide planning and optimization

Empower everyone in the lab to conceptualize and quickly approve 3D digital twins of your spaces to get it right the first time and achieve quicker time to science. It can be challenging to manage the ongoing layout of your lab spaces with a team of stakeholders – whether two labs or hundreds. Achieve better collaboration and faster consensus for new build-outs, relocations, and continuous improvements. Eliminate inefficient methods (cardboard boxes, graph paper, Legos, PowerPoint) and reduce your reliance on costly architects or highly trained specialists.

Save time, money, and resources

During a panel moderated by Lab Manager Magazine with Amgen, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, LabCentral, and Kaon Interactive, a panelist said, "The number one reason we exist is that people are in desperate need of critical medicines. We are literally saving lives. That's the ultimate driver. So, we must constantly look at how we design and optimize lab spaces to create efficiencies to accelerate the science."

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Enterprise labs have a full ecosystem of stakeholders, and the Lab Design Tool can empower all of them.
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    Speaking the same language

    Use mixed reality to communicate earlier and more effectively with all stakeholders -- architects, safety, facilities, scientists, procurement, and more. Create emotional connections with immersive 3D digital twins. Rapidly iterate and virtually walk stakeholders around the new lab. Alleviate the fear of change by putting them in the to-scale 3D space using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Get critical feedback from day one.

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    One tool for real-time collaboration

    Align your lab’s ecosystem. Take the team approach for easier lab management and optimization. Continuous improvement is hard enough. Designing, visualizing, optimizing and communicating new plans shouldn’t be. The Lab Design Tool is collaborative and simple enough for everyone to use, creating operational efficiency and readiness.

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    Unlimited users for faster consensus

    The Lab Design Tool is proven to be “significantly faster and less expensive than traditional improvement techniques.” Visualize and collaborate with ease on new layouts and proposed changes to achieve 3x faster alignment. Unlimited user seats mean everyone can collaborate, experience and optimize for real-time efficiency.

Cost and time savings from implementing the Lab Design Tool

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See how to get to science faster! Answer some questions about your lab space and planning process to calculate your potential efficiencies from using the Lab Design Tool.

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  • User license: unlimited
  • Manage unlimited square footage1
  • Create unlimited labs
  • Flexible user authentication2
  • Flexible lab storage3
  • End-to-end encryption available
  • Add custom 3D assets4
  • See labs in augmented reality
  • Explore labs in virtual reality
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Multi-user editing
  • Trace floor plan images
  • 3D library of predefined assets
  • Create resizable generic assets
  • View 2D lab in Revit, AutoCAD5
  • Explore labs in 3D
  • View real-time changes in 3D
  • Web + native application support6
  • Unlimited device installations
  • On and offline use
  • Dedicated support
  • Unlimited training
  • LiveShare collaboration10
  • Insights portal
  • Admin management panel
  • User Adoption & Awareness11
  • Priority roadmap influence12
  • Dedicated account executive
  • Dedicated project manager


  • Branding (logo and colors)
  • Feature configuration
  • Customer defined features7
  • 3rd-party lab software integration8
  • Terms of service agreement

Advanced asset management

  • Define your asset properties
  • Search for assets by properties
  • Attach images to assets
  • Load predefined asset lists
  • Export asset list in any lab
  • Adjust predefined assets9

Optimize workflows

  • Create animated workflow lines
  • Create video fly-throughs
1Range of sqft levels, including unlimited
2Kaon managed with named users or OAuth2 SSO
3On local devices, in end-to-end encrypted cloud, or both
4Additional fee
5Lab 2D floorpans can be exported to Drawing Exchange Format (DXF)
6iPad, MacOS, Windows, integrated large-screen touch appliances
Additional fee
Additional fee
Ability to change the dimensions of any predefined 3D asset
10Additional fee, unless on Unlimited plan
11User Adoption & Awareness Program ensures customer success with unlimited customized training, focus groups, and surveys
Quarterly release of new features and enhancements
“It allowed us to create our most efficient and highest performing labs. Our labs went from underperforming to best-in-class.
“Real-time 3D visualization allowed us to prototype changes with 100% accuracy, getting it right the first time!.”
"What usually took weeks, we can now do in an hour."
“We saw a 3x reduction in labor costs.”
“We saw a three-week reduction in time to achieve consensus among stakeholders.”
“It helped put 'fears of change' to rest that the new workflow will work - incredibly valuable."

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