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Rapid Change: The Road to Digital Lab Transformation

Create the most efficient and agile laboratories, faster and cheaper.

Updating a laboratory should be a simple process. Finally, a Lab Design Tool that's both powerful and easy to use, allowing you to rapidly design, visualize, and optimize lab spaces while collaborating with your team in real-time. Save valuable time and resources, and get back to the science.

The most agile Lab Design Tool for efficient lab planning:

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Stop using inefficient methods to design and reconfigure your labs.

Most lab managers struggle to keep up with rapidly changing demands because they use outdated methods and tools. Whether you manage one lab or hundreds, you are probably dealing with…
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Constant Change

Ever-changing equipment, workflows, space sharing, consolidation, and lab build-outs make tracking and optimizing lab space and workflows difficult.

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Inefficient, Costly Processes

Relying on expensive architects and antiquated methods are costly, time-consuming and inefficient – reducing time to science, increasing downtime, and limiting the agility required to stay competitive.

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Building Consensus

As teams grow, identifying requirements and getting quick buy-in and visualization of proposed lab changes is elusive, complicated, time-consuming, and disruptive.

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Here's how the Lab Design Tool can help you transform your lab design.

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Design Simply

Quickly and easily develop, track, and manage highly immersive and engaging digital twins to optimize your lab space, instrument layouts, and workflows from initial design to ongoing changes.

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Visualize Immersive Spaces

Visualize and experience immersive lab spaces with all your stakeholders using engaging 3D, augmented reality, and virtual reality to quickly align on the optimal approach to any proposed change.

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Instant Collaboration

Collaborate with all your stakeholders using those digital twins in virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings on any device, such as a desktop, laptop, and iPad.

“It allowed us to create our most efficient and highest performing labs. Our labs went from underperforming to best-in-class.
“Real-time 3D visualization allowed us to prototype changes with 100% accuracy, getting it right the first time!.”
"What usually took weeks, we can now do in an hour."
“We saw a 3x reduction in labor costs.”
“We saw a three-week reduction in time to achieve consensus among stakeholders.”
“It helped put 'fears of change' to rest that the new workflow will work. Incredibly valuable."

Creating higher-performing labs faster and cheaper is a high-stakes competitive race.

"Compared to previous methods, this immersive VR solution is significantly faster and less expensive than traditional improvement techniques. This superior process has created a standard of excellence and has allowed us to create our most efficient and highest performing cytology and toxicology labs.

- Diagnostic Laboratory, Continuous Improvement Manager

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