Lab Life Cycle: Coping with Change

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David Gould, Senior Product Manager
Featured in Clinical Lab Products Magazine
September 12, 2023
laboratory lifecycle change, credit: Clinical Lab Products

In the world of laboratories, change is a constant companion. These labs, essential for various scientific endeavors, face ever-evolving demands, requiring them to be nimble and adaptable.

The Lab Lifecycle Journey

Every laboratory embarks on a journey, from its very inception to the moment it either closes its doors or undergoes a significant transformation. This journey has distinct phases.

Change, the protagonist of this lab life cycle story, is woven into its very fabric. Labs adapt to emerging technologies, methodologies, and research needs. They undergo significant alterations, from expansion to integration of advanced tech.

But in this journey, stakeholders play pivotal roles. They are scientists, administrators, technical staff, health and safety officers, IT teams, and even funding agencies. Yet, their diverse goals and perspectives sometimes lead to challenges in planning and execution.

Enter digital tools. These tools bridge the gap, empowering stakeholders with 3D visualization, real-time collaboration, and change tracking. These tools facilitate agile lab planning, ensuring labs stay ahead in the ever-changing scientific landscape.

In a world where labs are at the forefront of innovation, digital transformation emerges as the key to success. It streamlines operations, enhances collaboration, and ushers labs into a new era of agility and efficiency. This transformation is not just about technology; it is about ensuring labs remain the pioneers of scientific discovery.

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