Reimagining Lab Layout with Immersive Technology

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Lab Manager Magazine
September 8, 2019
The Lab Design Tool visualizes laboratories in 2D floor plans and 3D augmented reality and virtual reality

The lab layout is a crucial aspect of laboratory design that affects productivity, efficiency and safety. Immersive technologies, such as virtual reality, are transforming the way lab layouts are designed -- faster and more accurate. Immersive technologies can simulate different lab layouts and configurations so lab designers can visualize how equipment, personnel, and workflows will interact. This results in improved space utilization, more effective equipment placement and optimized workflows.

According to the article, "Reimagining Lab Design with Immersive Technology" in Lab Manager magazine, immersive technologies enable laboratory planners to create virtual models of lab spaces, including everything from the placement of equipment and workstations to the orientation of doors and windows. This allows designers to visualize different layouts and identify potential issues before construction even begins. Virtually walk through lab spaces for a realistic sense of scale, to evaluate ergonomic factors, and to identify potential hazards.

Virtual and augmented reality improve collaboration between architects, engineers, and researchers, who can all participate in the virtual design process efficiently. Lab designers now can create more efficient, productive, and safe lab layouts that maximize the use of space, equipment, and resources.

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